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How do I apply for a family membership?

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If you want to apply for a family membership follow the steps below. Not all venues offer memberships but if they do it will be visible on their venue page. The memberships are purchased on a venue-to-venue basis meaning that they will only be possible to use at the specific venue where you purchased it. If your venue doesn't offer memberships contact the venue to learn more.


1. Go to the MATCHi website

2. Search for the venue under "Venues"

3. Click the venue

4. At the top of the venue page you'll see "Apply and pay for a new membership here."

5. Choose ”I’m applying for family membership”

6. Choose your membership

7. Fill out the requested information

8. Press ”ADD MEMBER” to add family members

9. Fill out the requested information

10. Do step 8 & 9 for all family members

11. Click "Pay for your membership"

12. Fill out the requested information

13. Proceed to payment

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