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Padelboard - Q&A

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What is Padelboard? 
Padelboard is a technical platform for "Quick tournaments", which are typically around 2 hours long. If you are interested in league play, we also offer Backhandsmash.

What types of games do you offer?
Americano is a game where you can play with and against as many people as possible. The matches do not try to be even but random. The game is individual.

Mexicano adjusts each round according to the current ranking so that the matches are as equal as possible. The game is individual.

Team Americano:
Team Americano is like Americano although the game is played per team instead of individually. You do not change partners.

Team Mexicano:
Team Americano is like Mexicano although the game is played per team instead of individually. You do not change partners.

Beat the Box:
Initially, the MATCHi Playlist will be based on a new game format - Beat the box. Here's how it works:

4 players/court

3x20/min match time

Teams are rotated so that everyone on the court has faced each other.

Win = 25p, Draw = 5p and Loss = -15p.
The points go into MATCHi Playlist

What is MATCHi Playlist?
MATCHi Playlist allows your venue to create activities and tournaments for players of the same level. In other words: A more fun, competitive and rewarding padel experience. It's as smart as it is simple. Players come face to face on the court, nothing new there. Here's the clever part: Based on their performance, your very own, facility-specific leaderboard is created. A list that can be used to match players and create balanced tournaments. The icing on the cake? The more they play, the better their matching levels become.

Do all players need to have Padelboard App?
Yes, all private individuals who plays must have Padelboards app. The venues have the possibility to through our online tool Padelboard Arena control everyone's results but if you play with your friends, everyone must have the app.

Can you show me how Padelboard Arena works?
Absolutely! All venues have the opportunity to acquire Padelboard Arena, whether they use MATCHi or now for thieir eller inte för sin bokning.

Is it possible to draw the matches in advance?
No, the matches are created before each round.

We are part of a chain, do we need more than one account?
Yes, each venue should have their own account.

I tried to merge my Padelboard and MATCHi account but does not receive an SMS?
Usually this is due to forgetting to enter +46 at the beginning of your phone number.

I just logged in and all my data is gone?
Did you choose to not merge your accounts? If so, you need to contact us by email support@matchi.com and we will help you further.

I feel like I meet the same people in Americano?

Our draw should be as random as possible, but it is difficult to satisfy everyone every round.

Do you have an online tool for individuals?
No, for individuals, only the app applies.

Does every player in a team have to have the app?
It is enough for one team member to fill in the results, but yes, everyone must have the app.

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