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Split Payment Q&A

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Player fees & making/cancelling a shared booking

Why do you charge a service fee for split payments?
We only charge the service fee if you as a player choose to split the payment. It’s free for players to pay via MATCHi if you as a booker pay the entire booking yourself, as it’s not the payment itself that costs but the new functionality.

Why can't I make a shared booking on the web?
Since most of the bookings made via MATCHi are made via our app, we have chosen to first and foremost focus on developing this function for the app. If in the future we implement this solution also on our web, we will of course communicate this!

Why can you only split the payment between 2 or 4 players?
The majority of the venues connected to MATCHi today are racket sports facilities and almost all racket sports are played by either two or four people. Therefore, we have currently chosen to limit the possibility of splitting a booking on just these number of players. In the further development of the platform, however, it is not excluded that we will open up the possibility of sharing between more players in the future.

Can my co-player who has paid his share simply cancel himself/herself?
Yes! If a fellow player in the booking needs to cancel their time after they have paid, they can easily do so in the app. Depending on the payment method used and when the cancellation is made, the amount can either be reserved or deducted from the card/account. Either way, the full amount, excluding the service fee, will be refunded within 7 banking days.

Why can't I, as the owner of the booking, cancel myself and transfer the responsibility for the booking to a co-player?
When you create a booking in MATCHi, you accept our terms of use and accept the cost associated with the booking. This means that the person who makes the booking thus becomes the person who is seen as responsible for the booking. At present, we have no function that allows this responsibility to be transferred to another person afterwards, but we are of course evaluating this arrangement on an ongoing basis and changes in the logic may occur in the future, but this is not guaranteed.

Why is the cancellation fee not shared among all players when I, as a booker, cancel the entire booking?
Only the person who created the booking can cancel, and it is then also the person who pays any cancellation fee. Co-players can choose to leave the booking for themselves but not cancel the entire event.

Can a player pay their share with punch cards/value cards? 
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to use any other payment method than a debit/credit card.

Payments, reservations & receipts

What happens if I don't pay my share?
If you don't pay for your part, the person who created the booking will be charged the cost.

What happens if my co-players do not pay their share?
If one of your co-players does not pay for their part of the booking, you as the booker will be charged for your co-player's part of the booking according to the regular price.

Can I pay another player's share?
If you are the creator of the booking, you will automatically be charged for your partner's part if they have not paid it themselves. If you are a co-player, you can only pay for your part of the booking.

Why do bookers have to pay with an inserted card when other means of payment are available?
The person making the booking needs to use an inserted card, Apple Pay or Google Pay as these are the only payment methods that allow us to reserve the full cost of the booking at present.

With what payment methods can my co-players use to pay?
Players can choose freely from the payment methods available in the country where the booking is made.

Why is the price different than expected?
Players' prices can be affected by membership and group affiliation, if the price is higher than expected, it is in most cases due to one or more of the players not having a paid and active membership. Start by asking all players to check that they have an active and paid membership, this is easily done in MATCHi. Sometimes a player can be in a group that gives them a special price, it is not visible in the player's MATCHi account. The facilities choose their own pricing, and always start by contacting the facility in question if you feel that you get the wrong price when booking.

Why is the amount reserved higher than the cost of the booking?
When a split payment booking is created we will reserve the standard price for the booking, this is because players can choose to withdraw from a booking and the price can change. To ensure that the resort gets paid for the booking, we reserve the amount that can be the highest if all players choose to withdraw from the booking.

Do all players receive a receipt for their payment?
Yes, all players in the booking will receive a receipt for their own part of the payment.

Bookings made more than 7 days in advance
For bookings that are made more than 7 days into the future we will capture the full amount after 7 days and then do a refund to the booker so that the total paid amount is correct. This is because we are not allowed to hold reservations longer than 7 days for many payment methods.

Inviting co-players

Why can't I add my friend to the shared payment?
There are two ways to add a co-player to a split payment. In the first step, before you finalise the booking, you can add the player you have in your friends list in MATCHi. To make it extra easy to create split payments, you can then make sure to add the players you want to split your payment with to your friends list and they will also be there for the next booking. However, you do not need to add all players when you make the booking, but you can also do so at a later date. Then you simply share a link to the booking directly to those you are going to play with, or share the link in an open group if you want to make it possible for more people to join. Your fellow players need to pay their part of the booking at the latest when the game starts.
It's important that your fellow player approves the payment in their app. If not done, the fellow player will be removed from the booking, and the spot will become available, counted as a player with the regular price (this applies even if everyone in the booking is to pay 0 SEK).

Why do my fellow players have to be in my friends list for me to find them when I make a split payment?
In order to share a booking, we need to have a MATCHi account to link the other player's booking to. At present, there is no function in MATCHi that allows you as a player to search freely among all MATCHi users. Instead, we use personal friend lists where you control who can add you to bookings by accepting or rejecting friend requests you receive from other MATCHi users. However, you may be invited to a shared payment via link from someone who is not a friend in MATCHi.

How do I invite people to my friends list?
There are different ways you can add friends by going to "profile" in the app and going to your friends list. There you can either produce a QR code that your friend can scan with their mobile camera to add you as a friend or you can send a link to your public profile where they can add you as a friend. You can also send a friend request to people you have played with before. By clicking on a previous game event, under bookings → history, you can find previous players.

Have you removed the function to add a player to a booking via email?
It's still there! If you choose to pay the entire booking, the function works just as before. For a split payment, you can instead choose between adding a player from your friends list or sharing a link to the booking with the player(s) you want to be able to join the booking and the split payment.

Why can I add a player who has already reached their booking limit?
Each player you want to add must accept your invitation in order for you to share the payment with the respective player. If a co-player has reached his/her reservation limit at the establishment where you made the reservation, the co-player will not be able to accept the reservation and therefore will not be able to pay his/her part of the reservation. When the player who has reached their booking limit tries to accept the invitation, they will be informed that they have reached their booking limit. They can then decide for themselves whether they want to refuse your invitation or cancel any future booking at the facility and then accept your invitation. The function is developed in this way so that we can enable players to prioritise their bookings themselves.

*Note: Booking restrictions are something that facilities decide and control themselves. One establishment may choose to limit the number of bookings that can be made by a booker during a week, while another establishment may choose to limit the number of hours played, for example.

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