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Important information regarding punch card in connection with the new checkout

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Problems paying with a punch card?
At the end of October 2023, we made an update to our check-out (i.e. the checkout in our app/website where you pay for your booking).

With this update, we also introduced updates to our schedule where extended bookings with multiple slots are now handled as one unit/booking with one booking confirmation.

This means that if you book two consecutive times, for example 12:00-13:00 and 13:00-14:00, this is considered a two-hour booking between 12:00-14:00. The advantage of this is that players receive only one booking confirmation instead of two, and that only one cancellation fee is charged if you as a player need to cancel your time.

If you have purchased a punch card at your venue and have recently had problems using it, it is very possible that this is related to this new feature. Most punch cards allow bookings up to 90 minutes, but extended bookings managed as one usually exceed 90 minutes. Previously, if you booked two consecutive appointments that were, say, 90 minutes long, you could use the punch card to pay for both bookings separately. Since the introduction of this new feature, the bookings are merged and considered as one booking of 180 minutes, and the punch card usually only allows for bookings of up to 90 minutes.

There are two things you can do to book two consecutive appointments and still pay with the punch card:

  1. Book only one appointment and pay for it with the punch card. After payment, book the second appointment directly. Then it is considered as two individual bookings.
  2. Contact the venue where you bought the punch card and ask if they can extend the maximum time from 90 minutes.

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