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Which payment methods we accept

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Debit or credit card

You can pay with the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro.(Secured by our partner Adyen, a leading payment provider). Maestro cards cannot be saved as a "saved card" because of the rules on the Maestro card. More then one card can be stored.

Digital punch card or value card

These alternatives will appear in the payment dialog if you have purchased and registered a punch or value card.

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Please note about American Express for UK
Due to the high transactions fees associated with American Express in UK, we will unfortunately no longer support this particular payment method in the UK. Should you currently have any memberships or recurring charges linked to an American Express card, we kindly request that you update your payment details within the MATCHi app or on the web site. In the app you can update your payment information in your profile under "Other settings", while on the web you can do so under "Account settings". If your membership payment has failed and you have received notice that no further attempts will be made, please update your card details in the system and then pay your membership manually. You can pay your membership in your profile in the app or under "Payments" at the web. Future charges will then be made automatically from the updated payment method.

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