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New Checkout and Payment methods

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We've now enhanced our checkout - enabling for you as players to pay for your bookings at your venue with new payment methods.


What’s new?

The process from booking to playing at the venue should be effortless. That’s why we’ve now refined our checkout to feel more modern, with both improved and new payment methods. The new checkout will allow players to pay with: 

1. Apple Pay (New!)

2. Google Pay (New!)

3. Credit card (More than one card can now be stored)

Note that you now needs to click one more step in the booking process to get to the checkout.

In addition, the new checkout will also make it possible for you as players to use value cards together with an additional payment method. This means that you as players now can use the full amount on their value cards in an easier way.

The checkout is being rolled out and will be available to all players from the 1st of November.

The first step towards a flexible booking schedule
We've made improvements to our booking schedule. Going forward, once a booking is made by a player (regardless of whether it is extended or not) it will be handled as one continuous booking. This means that players will receive just one booking confirmation email and one cancellation fee. 

Coming soon

The next step in the development of this new checkout is the ability for you as players to split your payment between participants in a booking. This feature is currently being tested internally and will be releases shortly!

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