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How do I pay?

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You can choose between adding a new card the first time you make a booking or go to account preferences and adding a new card in advance. 

1. Find available time and click "Book". 

2. When the control window opens "Choose a  payment method".

  • Debit/credit card (saved card)
    You can choose this alternative if you already have saved you account details.
  • Debit/credit card (new card)
    You can choose to add or change to a new card and save your account details (optional) till next time.
  • Value card or punch card
    This alternative is available if you have a registered value card or punch card that is valid at the specific time you want to book.

Save or edit card

Click on your name/profile and go to "Account preferences". If you like to add a debit or credit card click "Add card" and fill in your card information and "Save", then authorize with your bank.

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