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Split Payment

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Play together, pay together!
For us at MATCHi, the social experience is in focus and we always strive to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Now, it's time for the split payment feature to step into the spotlight!

We’re gradually introducing the feature to ensure a seamless rollout, and it will gradually become available for all players in the app.

So how does it work?
It's simple! When you book a court through the MATCHi app, you can choose to split the cost with others, so that each player only pays for their own part of the booking. If you don't know who you'll play with yet? No worries! Invite your co-players after your booking and they can still split the bill. This altogether allows you to spend more time improving your game and less time chasing payments from your partners. Great, isn't it? Since there are additional transactions and associated transaction costs, a small service fee will be charged whenever you choose to split your payment

More questions?
We've compiled a comprehensive Q&A with commonly asked questions.
Click the link to learn more!


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